Cook (aka Adam Cook) started his career as a DJ back in the late 90’s playing at local UK Garage events and parties in Bromley and Croydon. He went on to play at variety of venues across London through the 00s playing a variety of deep house, garage and disco.

In 2016-2019 Cook ran a string of disco, house and garage nights in Valencia in Spain before returning to the UK in 2021 to focus specifically on the growing underground UK Garage scene.

Over his years as a DJ, Cook has stacked up a serious archive of rare and long forgotten house and garage vinyl. Through his knowledge of classic underground garage combined with his passion for playing and discovering new music, you can always be sure he’ll introduce you to something you’ve not heard before.

Known for combining a range of genres into his sets and always having some kind of surprise up his sleeve, he will keep you guessing as much as he keeps you dancing.



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UK Garage

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